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Nighttime Collisions

Personal Injury Law
nighttime collision
There is an alarmingly high rate of nighttime collisions in Ontario and this can be attributed to numerous factors pertaining, not only, to the pedestrians and motorists involved, but also to the conditions of the road. Although there are 75% less vehicles and pedestrians on the road at nighttime, dusk,…

Concussions and Whiplash Disorder

Personal Injury Law
concussions whiplash
Traumatic brain injuries are not just a concern for athletes who play high-impact sports. In fact, these types of injuries are high-risk for passengers, bikers, and pedestrians who have been involved in an accident. Due to their commonality in all of these instances, special attention has been directed to this…


motor vehicle accidents
Driving a motorcycle requires knowing how your vehicle will react, maintaining full concentration, and exercising caution to ensure you are in control and everyone remain safe. A study published in the Canadian Medical Association in 2017, shows motorcyclists, mopeds, motor scooters and motorized bicycles account for 10% of motor vehicles…