Employment Law

We have successfully litigated many employment law cases. There can be almost nothing more financially devastating then having your job terminated unexpectedly, especially when you are injured or recovering from an accident. Your former employer may take the position they had “just cause” to terminate your employment, that you abandoned your position, or “frustrated” the employment contract. We have experience advocating against employers in each of these circumstances.

Employment matters arise in any different circumstances. You should contact us if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • You have been unexpectedly terminated or terminated without cause;
  • You have been terminated while on disability or maternity/paternity leave;
  • You have been laid off for an extended period of time without being contacted by your employer or others have been hired to replace your positon while laid off;
  • Your employer has changed a material aspect of your employment without your consent such as your job duties, hours, location or hourly pay; or
  • You suspect you have been wrongfully or constructively dismissed.

Contact us to represent you against your employer for claims for termination notice under the Employment Standards Act, severance pay, common law entitlements, vacation pay owed and/or reasonable extension of benefits or pay in lieu.