Product Liability

Product liability

When an unsafe product is sold to the public, it can result in an accident causing serious injuries.

Product Liability cases are typically rooted in the faulty manufacture or hazardous design of a product. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer, distributor and retailer to make sure that the products they promote are safe for public use. Manufacturers also have a duty to ensure that the product was reasonably safe for a product’s “foreseeable” use. Some products have a higher standard of care depending on their possible uses and associated risks. At the initial consultation, our lawyers will explain the standards that apply to the particular product in question and evaluate whether a duty of care owed to the client/consumer has not been met.

At Avanessy Giordano LLP, we start with a thorough investigation of the product that caused injury utilizing qualified engineers. If our experts conclude the product is faulty or potentially dangerous, we will not only pursue your claim for damages but also push for it to be recalled.

If you are injured due to the faulty manufacture of a product, contact us to learn how we can assist you further.