Privacy Policy

Avanessy Giordano values your confidential information. When you fill out and submit our online contact forms, our office will, to the best of its ability, maintain confidentiality with that information. Said information will only be used for the purposes of booking an initial consultation and does not automatically create a lawyer-client relationship.Avanessy Giordano cannot guarantee you that your information will be kept confidential at all times when you use our online contact forms and/or when you email us due to events that are beyond our control, i.e. hacking of our website, our website being infected with a virus, etc.You acknowledge that you browse, use our online contact forms, and/or email us at your own risk. If the risks associated with using our website is of a concern to you, we highly recommend that you contact us via telephone at 416-551-5492.Please note that by providing us with your information via our online contact forms and/or by emailing us, and/or by calling our office, a lawyer-client relationship is not created until you execute a written retainer agreement with our office.