Brain Injury and Concussions

Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you or someone you love has been the victim of a brain or head injury, you will likely need medical services far beyond those required for other injuries. Any injury to the head or brain should be considered serious. The effects and symptoms of these injuries may not be immediate but emerge after several days or weeks following a crash and may be permanent.

Concussions are brain injuries. Blacking out, fainting, vomiting, or not being able to recall events after an accident may be an indication that an individual has sustained a mild brain injury as a result of impact. It is important that these types of injuries are treated for appropriately to maximize recovery. It is also crucial that your legal team understands the intricacies of these injuries and properly advances your case to compensate for difficulty you may experience in the future.

Litigation surrounding traumatic brain injury is complex. Our law firm has experience handling mild to severe traumatic brain injuries to assist with arranging the appropriate care and ensuring it is paid for. We have medical professionals on staff and rely on our extensive network of health care providers to connect you with a rehabilitation team that is fully committed to your treatment and recovery.